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Perinaldo Artichoke - Presì Slow Food

Perinaldo Artichoke


Perinaldo is a small town in the Crosia Valley, in the far west of Liguria, known for the production of an artichoke variety imported over two centuries ago from nearby Provence. According to legend, the French violet variety was introduced by Napoleon Bonaparte himself during the 1796 Italian campaign. The Perinaldo artichoke is tender and has no spines or choke. In local recipes it is found in little omelets, roasted with Parmesan and mushrooms or in simple fritters with garlic and parsley. The artichokes are grown between 400 and 600 meters above sea level, and are often planted along dry-stone walls because the plants need good drainage. They are tolerant of cold temperatures and drought and need no chemical treatments.


Harvested between May and June but can be found throughout the year preserved in oil.

Some growers still produce limited quantities of the artichokes (around 55,000 to 60,000 heads a year in total), and preserve part of the harvest in oil. A production protocol governs cultivation methods and guarantees traceability. On the second Sunday in May, a festival is held in the town celebrating the Perinaldo artichoke and extra-virgin Taggiasca olive oil.

Production area
Perinaldo Municipality, Imperia Province

Presidium supported by
Liguria Region, Perinaldo Municipality, Intemelia Mountain Community, Altavia
Tiziana Anfosso
Perinaldo (Im)
frazione Suseneo, 16
tel. +39 3477307463

Andrea Arnaldi
Perinaldo (Im)
località Trumè, 5
tel. +39 0184 672140-328 0284104

Vittorio Cassini
Perinaldo (Im)
frazione Negi
tel. +39 0184 223845-347 6020143

Fabio Ferrari
Perinaldo (Im)
frazione Suseneo, 15
tel. +39 3392908123

Fausto Guglielmi
Perinaldo (Im)
via Matteotti, 47
tel. +39 0184 672166

Mario Pazzano
Perinaldo (Im)
località Alpicella
tel. +39 328 5905899

Francesco Guglielmi
Perinaldo (Im)
via Matteotti, 46
tel. +39 0184 672234-338 3981160

Slow Food Presidium Producers’ Coordinator
Francesco Guglielmi
Tel. +39 0184 672234

Slow Food Presidium Coordinator
Luciano Barbieri
Tel. +39 0184 996162 - +39 338 2882040


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